This list of celebrities addicted to gambling is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. It's no secret that stars love to spend their money. It's common for famous.

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Reddit lost money gambling

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Dealer, not in Vegas but still considered a large casino. The most heartbreaking losses always come from naive college kids or the regular single parents but the largest loss I've ever seen was pretty entertaining.

There's a regular at our Casino that owns his own company but also used to reddit lost money gambling other casinos by having an inside man at his bank confirm credit over the phone that the player did not have. He's since been busted for this and will definetly be sent to jail once the case is closed. He still has a ton of cash and plays at our Casino being the only one in the area that allows him inside.

Super upbeat and happy guy. Really nice to the dealers probably so he wouldn't get kicked out. The smile on his face looked like he found the money reddit lost money gambling between his couch cushions.

I'm going to hazard a guess that he knew he would lose everything once the fraud case went through, so he decided to at least have fun losing it. Haha, my RA in college got busted going some insane speed on his motorcycle. His logic was that if the reddit lost money gambling was gonna fine him, he may as well not have any money to be fined. So he took me and some hallmates to the driving range and we all ate a bunch of pizza afterwards. I still don't get his logic, but none of us were about to argue with it.

I knew a guy who got busted for a bunch of coke. He was pretty sure he was going to jail for a long time, so he cashed rubber checks all over town so he could party his ass off for one last summer.

To his horror, he was not sent to jail Even if he had been sent to jail, he'd have had to repay all those checks If he went to jail for a significant amount of time I am thinking 10 years or more at least some of the businesses and the bank would write off the debt anyway as doubtful collections.

They would maybe send it to a agency but most small businesses don't want to go through that hassle for a couple hundred bucks. If yours is the only casino reddit lost money gambling letting him in, and he's leaving the better part of a million dollars in cash inside and smiling about reddit lost money gambling, and he's known for having insiders at institutions helping him to do illegal things I know exactly whom you're referring to.

First off, a little background. Casinos in Asia are rumored to 'rent out' tables, which means someone can pay the casino for the right to take a percentage of winnings from that table over a period of time. Basically it's money laundering.

During my many trips to Macau and the Philippines I've watched people gamble away millions every hour over days and the only reason I can attribute their behavior is to this type of money laundering.

In the 's this was very common to see in Macau. When I went back a few days later he was still there doing the exact same thing. My mother has had a gambling problem for as long as I can remember. It got worse as I got older. After I graduated and got a job, left the house for good, she reddit lost money gambling gambling a lot.

I did so in the morning but the transfer would take 3 days. She gambled away her plane ticket and her hotel room too. I didn't even know that was possible. She was literally just walking around Vegas for reddit lost money gambling 3 days homeless, waiting for the wire transfer.

My older brother reddit lost money gambling a lot better off financially than I am, so he got stuck paying some huge gambling debts. About 15 years ago my brother bought my mom a brand new house. He was very well off. As a result, my mom was gambling a lot because she thought he would pay off her debts. She lost a lot of money in some seedy underground gambling den in Hawaii where click the following article is illegal.

She owed money to some really bad people, possibly the Japanese mafia. As a result, my brother sold the house he bought her and got her a smaller condo instead. They rarely talk to each other now. Worked in a large casino NOT reddit lost money gambling America. We had a lot of Asian clientele in our VIP room. Most I've seen lost is 10 Mil in 3 weeks. He has the room Booked for the month so see more made his bag man fly back to Thailand and get more money.

It was all cash. What does it take reddit lost money gambling work at those big money tables like that, and how reddit lost money gambling they work the tips? Do they only allow reddit lost money gambling most senior dealers take the spots, and do they split tips or does it all go to the dealer?

My cousin is the floor boss I think that's what is is called in a high stakes room at one of the casinos in China top online casinos usa by Steve Wynn. He just kind of lucked into it. He was working as a table boss in Vegas when they were asking for people to move to China and open the casino. He's been there for around 10 years now. He lives with his family in the hotel and save everything he makes.

He will most likely retire before he is He is not a pit boss. He was able to leapfrog pit boss in the move to Macau which is a Chinese special district like HK He is above a pit reddit lost money gambling, which I have been told is a floor manager. Yeah it was purely good timing. My uncle also worked in the casinos in Vegas, and it took him 25 years to work up to see more a floor boss.

My cousin had been working in the Casino for around 8 years when he went to Http:// Well reddit lost money gambling and no. You can't just sit on your ass and hope you luck into right place, right time.

The old adage about luck being preparation plus opportunity though, that I give a lot of credence to. He also took a hell of reddit lost money gambling opportunity. Not many people are willing to relocate to another country, let alone China. More this web page Macau reddit lost money gambling which is only a territory similar to Hong Kong, actually pretty much right next to Hong Kong -- it was portugese for the longest time, now it's the Reddit lost money gambling of the East.

Had a good time. Wynn there is nice, pretty much like the one here. They actually have 3 Wynns Reddit lost money gambling think there now. I give the people credit though. Good timing usually also means taking the time to build connections and take risks. Had I been asked to move to China I would have absolutely said no.

That reddit lost money gambling took the risk so he gets the reward and in my book, taking calculated risk is a skill. Living in a hotel would be so sweet. It's like an apartment with a free daily cleaning service.

It's not nearly as good as it sounds and wears quite thin quite quickly. Free laundry service might be great and all but it's not "home" as such, no private outdoor space, you can't have friends over for dinner etc. Agreed, some family of mine lived in a hotel when a house they bought had major issues that 'passed' the home inspection paid for by insurance thankfully Their biggest complaint was the lack of kitchen so you are forced to eat out almost every meal, they all gained some weight.

To clarify, I was specifically considering the scenario in OP's story ie NOT an American controlled casino I understand that there are federal regulations around fraud prevention in the US.

In order to launder it, he gambled it until he "won". Of the 8 million, he lost 6 million gambling for approximately 2 million in winnings. Still a huge net gain, but also a very inefficient way to launder money.

For those curious, the guy got caught primarily because his ex-wife and counter-part at work were friends and after many years the topic finally came up of how he had reddit lost money gambling so much money lately. This got his co-worker curious and did a bit of research and found the fraud. Reddit lost money gambling fraud was extremely basic and only possible due to a combination of a boss who didn't know how to work computers as well as an error in IT where he was accidentally given the ability to both request and approve checks.

Could have placed a bet on one side of say a sporting event in one casino and placed a bet on the other side in another casino. I think he was referring to setting up a casino and having someone intentionally lose money to transfer it to you.


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This list of celebrities addicted to gambling is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. It's no secret that stars love to spend their money. It's common for famous.
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