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It is a real fun ride while being incredible edgy and dark. Why would you complicate things by selling it to retarded people? If you like action and something new go and see this you wont be disappointed!! Thats the only predictable part of this flick. But I do think highly of this movie even if it will keep me from enjoying Sims for some time to come. I wouldn't recommend this it all, I would rather rent it on DVD when it's out. What I got was a mind-blowing surprise.

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But this is where I have to give the director some real credit.

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Full Cast & Crew

Gamer is, first and foremost, mostly a brainless action film in the vein of Crank and other hyperkinetic actioneers, which is presented in fast, somewhat jittery cuts. But it is official. I'd love to see the work done in post production. Gamer takes place in the near future where video games and virtual chat rooms are, quite literally, a reality. The storyline was promising and i actually like Gerard Butler. Gina Parker Smith Logan Lerman Sorority Chick Med Abrous

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naked women in the movie gamer
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naked women in the movie gamer
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