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Then a rattlesnake came to her in dreams and told her to get eagle feathers, white paint, wild tobacco. Next thing you know my car and half the town in up in flames. I tried pulling it and tried to shake it off and nothing would work, then the man said to me that if I got bit by that snake it was gonna take 10 years off my life. I was back at a old house i loved so much growing up in as a kid. I felt something crawling, when I woke up it was the snake on my arm.

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Hi can u please tell me the meaning of this dream.

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I do not generally have dreams involving her and the fact that I did has me for one, concerned about the whole dreamand for two scared that something may be wrong with my grandmother — as I have read some things online and saw a similar situation translated to mean sickness etc. Later i saw that i went with my mom to see that large snake while it was sleeping. Both were long; One was green, and the other one looked more like a tiger snake. I then noted some snakes were inside this tree, so I jumped over to the next tree and moved through the branches with ease. My dream is complicate. The snake appeared three or four times before she be lieved that she would be a shaman. Then looked at my rite ankle, 2 holes filled with blood.

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