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The site's critical consensus reads, "After the heady sci-fi thrills of District 9Elysium is a bit of a comedown for director Neill Blomkamp, but on its own terms, it delivers just often enough to satisfy. The music video for the Queen song " Calling All Girls " parodies the film. The Minbari have a crest made of bone instead of hair. Retrieved 1 April MNGuy September 7, at 1:

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The music video for the Queen song " Calling All Girls " parodies the film.

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20 Great Bald Female Characters From SF & Fantasy

In the following shootout, Julio is killed and Max is wounded. Honestly, I do think the argument could be made that Zhaan is way sexier than Evey, but Portman was so popular among the geeks that she wins out. Retrieved March 3, Elysium is technologically advanced, with devices like Med-Bays that can cure all diseases, reverse the aging process, and regenerate body parts. It was a modest success and received generally positive reviews from critics, even though many considered it a disappointment after Blomkamp's first film District 9. I'm guessing this had more to do with the actress not wanting to wear the bald cap anymore.

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shaved head sci fi movie
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shaved head sci fi movie
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